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 What is the difference between an OVI and a DUI? 

​Nothing, they are the same. DUI stands for driving under the influence. In Ohio it's called

OVI  which stands for Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence.

What does DIP mean?

D​river Intervention Program.  Typically, a 3 day program held at hotels which gives seminars on the perils of drinking and driving. First time offenders can avoid the minimum 3 day jail requirement by opting to take the DIP. You are confined to your room and the areas designated by the DIP administrator's during the 3 day period. Under the new law a first time offender can avoid the DIP and jail by opting for ignition interlock. DIP usually costs between $350-$600.

What is the ignition interlock ?

A device attached to your ignition that takes breath samples and will not let the car start if you have been drinking. It also requires breath samples periodically while you are driving or the car will turn off. You pay for installation and then there is a daily charge.