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Areas We Cover
  • Driving Privileges
  • Work Privileges
  • Medical Privileges
  • Release of Vehicle From Impound
  • Motion To Suppress Evidence
  • Treatment in Lieu of Conviction
  • Defense of  Professional Driving and Pilot Certifications/Licenses
  • Challenge to the Breath Alcohol Content readings

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Being charged with an OVI/DUI is often the most devastating occurrence in one's lifetime. It can cause a person to lose their freedom, career and family. It is a living nightmare. At Biales Delchin we understand the extreme fear, anxiety and absolute terror one who has been accused with an OVI/DUI experiences. We approach these cases with compassion and understanding toward the client and what they are going through coupled with a highly aggressive and proactive defense strategy. Robert C. Biales, our OVI/DUI attorney, is the Senior Partner of Biales Delchin Law and has over 22 years experience in OVI/DUI practice. For 15 of those 22 years Mr. Biales also formerly sat on the bench as a night magistrate for The Painesville Municipal Court so he is intimately familiar with both sides of the bench. At Biales Delchin we are committed to obtaining a dismissal, acquittal or a reduction of your charges.


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Most of our fee structure is flat rate pricing so the client knows the total cost of the representation and does not have to worry about "run away" hourly attorney fees or large unexpected bills after the initial retainer.

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Biales Delchin practices OVI in Mentor, OVI in Willoughby and OVI in Painesville, OVI in Lake County  Ohio

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  • Challenge to the Stop
  • Challenge to the Field Sobriety Tests
  • Chances For a Reduced Charge/Penalty
  • Setting Aside a Plea of Guilty Before Sentencing
  • Accident Reconstruction
    Expert Testimony