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We know that for most of our clients a divorce is the most psychologically traumatic and emotionally painful event that they have ever experienced.  We are aware that people are heartbroken and despondent during this period of their lives and we pledge to help and comfort them through this time. We are available twenty four hours a day to take calls and will protect and stand up for their (and their children’s) rights when they are too run down (or depressed) to do so themselves.

There is no such thing as an easy divorce or custody dispute. But the process can be undertaken with mutual respect, understanding, compassion and an open mind to do what is ultimately in the parties and minor children’s best interests. At Biales Delchin we believe that how you end a marriage is very important for the parties and children. Our goal is to help our clients end the marriage with dignity and to secure for them a maximum advantage for starting over and regaining their independence and peace of mind.

Biales Delchin handles divorce, custody, divorce mediation, dissolution, and post decree modification (when you are brought back to court after the divorce has been finalized.) 


Through the process of dissolution we can often dissolve a marriage within ninety days at a fraction of the cost of a divorce.  Biales Delchin also offers divorce mediation for people who are able to work together to resolve the issues of finalizing a divorce. Mediation is a process in which a professional attorney mediator works with both people to help them agree to resolve the issues such as division of property, debt and pension, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and all other issues without trial and formal discovery (obtaining evidence). Dissolution or Mediation can result in savings of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to the parties and eliminate the stress, resentment, fear, pain and emotional turmoil of divorce litigation and trial.

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Our philosophy toward divorce and custody clients is one of compassion and understanding. We are aware that people’s children are the most important thing in their lives. We will always put the best interest of the children first. Our top priority is making sure our clients children are in a safe, secure and happy environment. Our next highest priority is to ensure the best result possible for every client.

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